Tips for Finding The Perfect Single Family Home in San Diego

The single family home is usually a detached house or one unit dwelling structure with its own walls, backyard, and front yard. It can come with a garage and dedicated street parking for gated communities. Compared to a townhouse, condominium unit, or apartment, the single detached offers more privacy and a better return on investment.

For one, the lot where the single detached stands on is part of the investment unlike a condominium where you do not own the real estate.

As a property manager, you probably know that the selling points of a single detached house aside from having more privacy include:

  • Better security if you want to invest in state-of-the-art alarms
  • Possibility to expand your property if your neighbors decide to sell
  • You could have enough space to add a pool, Jacuzzi, flower garden, mini golf, or whatever interests you
  • You could get higher rates compared to an apartment or townhouse
  • You do not have shared expenses and association dues like condominium owners

On the other hand, managing a single family home also exposes you to a higher risk not to mention having the sole responsibility for maintenance, upkeep, and security. A recent study of 2014’s performance on real estate reveal that condo prices and rates have risen while single detached houses remain relatively stagnant. People want the convenience of being close to their workplace because it cuts transportation costs and travel time.

In order to find the perfect house, consider these tips in your search for a family home in San Diego.

  • Single detached home’s main market are families and couples which means they need a house that is in a safe neighborhood with other families or couples as neighbors.
  • You could also look for a property that has two adult bedrooms aside from a guest bedroom in order to attract renters who are adult friends and not romantically involved. There is a growing number of individuals willing to share the cost of renting a single detached because it lowers daily overhead
  • Like all major cities, San Diego has its share of risky residential areas. There have also been several cases of fires and brush fires. Last December, San Diego firefighters also issued a warning about the increasing number of drones that could drop from the sky and cause fires so you should try to find out the areas likely to be affected and stay away.
  • Check for mortgage or a mortgage holders’ affiliation
  • Use the Internet to find residential areas or properties that could be the next “It Place”

Other Ideas Worth Investigating

If you have been searching for a while with no luck, you could consider expanding your network. The residential real estate in San Diego did not live up to its promises last year and realtors are being very conservative this 2015. Buyers like you may have to slug it out with others in buying the perfect single detached house for property management but when it comes to rentals, it’s a different story. The expected growth in wages did not happen last year so professionals who may have targeted buying their own place may decide to settle for renting in the meantime.

San Diego Homes for Sale


California has among the highest financially stable of potential home loan borrowers in the country. The state of California is ranking 5th when things like credit score and loan to value ratios.

Mark Goldman, real estate professor at San Diego State University says the current market shows that marginal type borrowers have declined.Today financial documents are heavily scrutinized.

About San Diego, CA Home Market

The San Diego Local home sale market is on the rise. Average price per square foot for San Diego CA was over $350, which is an increase compared to last year 2012. The median sales price for homes in San Diego CA for May 13 to Jul 13 was about $465,000 based on over 4,800 home sales.Popular neighborhoods in San Diego include Rancho Bernardo and Carmel Valley, with average listing prices of $484,512 and $1,093,439.

San Diego Real Estate Performance Thus Far For 2013

Before 2006 or the sub-prime disaster, San Diego real estate was known as one of the boom state for housing. Prices had tripled since 1998 going as high as $612,000 for an average family home. San Diego was also one of the areas where the “Sunshine tax” situation existed. This happens when income and the cost of living are skewed and lower than the national average. When the housing bubble burst, San Diego experienced a massive exodus as many residents moved to more affordable neighborhoods or even to other states. By 2010 the real estate housing market was 50% higher than in 2000 but 36% down from 2005 and dipping over $200,000 or 50% in sales for many areas.

How Real Estate in San Diego Affects Car Insurance Rates

New policy in California is going to effect millions of Californians in 2015. In San Diego County, where an estimated 121,900 people are enrolled, the average increase will be 5.8 percent. Moving to a higher end zip code or real estate area can have some effects on your auto insurance rate. Have you moved recently? Did your rate go up? Insurance rates are not expected to go down anytime soon but San Diego is surprisingly considered moderate when it comes to car insurance rates. In fact San Diego is #16 for being inexpensive according to If you have recently moved or are in the market to get a quote you can view San Diego car insurance agents on this page here.

Neighborhoods in San Diego, CA

Adams North

Allied Gardens

Alta Vista

Azalea-Hollywood Park

Balboa Park

Barrio Logan

Bay Ho

Bay Park

Bay Terraces

Bird Land

Black Mountain Ranch



Carmel Mountain

Carmel Valley


Cherokee Point

Chollas Creek

Chollas View

Clairemont Mesa East

Clairemont Mesa West

Colina del Sol

College East

College West



Cortez Hill

Del Cerro

Del Mar Heights

East Village

Egger Highlands

El Cerrito

Emerald Hills


Fairmount Park

Fairmount Village

Fox Canyon

Gaslamp Quarter

Golden Hill

Grant Hill




Horton Plaza



Kearny Mesa


La Jolla

La Jolla Village

La Playa

Lake Murray

Lincoln Park

Linda Vista

Little Italy

Logan Heights

Loma Portal



Midway District

Mira Mesa


Miramar Ranch North

Mission Bay Park

Mission Beach

Mission Hills

Mission Valley East

Mission Valley West


Mountain View

Mt. Hope


Normal Heights

North City

North Clairemont

North Island Naval Air Station

North Park

Oak Park

Ocean Beach

Ocean Crest

Old Town

Otay Mesa

Otay Mesa West

Pacific Beach

Palm City

Paradise Hills

Park West

Point Loma Heights

Rancho Bernardo

Rancho Encantado

Rancho Penasquitos

Redwood Village



Roseville – Fleet Ridge

Sabre Springs

San Carlos

San Pasqual

San Ysidro

Scripps Ranch

Serra Mesa


Sherman Heights


Sorrento Valley

South Park



Sunset Cliffs

Swan Canyon


Teralta East

Teralta West


Tijuana River Valley

Torrey Highlands

Torrey Pines

Torrey Preserve

University City

University Heights

Valencia Park

Wooded Area

Related Insurance News

Housing affordability in California is taking a hit as reported on Hispanic Business. Housing affordability fell for the sixth consecutive quarter — July through September — in response to rising home prices and interest rates, a trade group said Thursday. During the third quarter, 32 percent of home buyers could afford a median priced home costing $433,940, said the Los Angeles-based California Association of Realtors.

Distressed sales continue to be a significant portion of homes sold at nearly 20.7 % of total units sold. As the overall percentage of Distressed Sales continues to decline in the future, we will likely see an increase on the average SP as the underwater homeowner exits the market and more regular sales become the norm. We still have a large number of distressed properties in Contingent and Pending. As we clear distressed inventory and with lower foreclosure rates, it should contribute to the recovery and health of the local Real Estate Market.

The way we determine the supply of inventory is by dividing the number of homes on the market in a given month by the number of houses sold that same month.

The number of active properties for sale that are distressed sales is only 7.4%. This metric has remained fairly stable over the last few months, and trending lower from the last reported number, it will be interesting to see if this number changes after the extension of the Mortgage Debt Relief Act at the start of 2013.